10 Best Dosa Tawa for health in India


Best Dosa Tawas

That smooth finished freshness creatively moved inventive shapes and stuffing with sautéed potatoes. The simple sight of a dosa animates your taste buds and visual faculties the same.

The dosa with its shifted exquisite flavors and servings with fiery sambar and chutney makes an ideal morning breakfast or evening nibble. The crunchier taste of dosa leaves you slobbering for additional with its powerful looks and enticing taste.

Being set up from the matured hitter of lentils and rice, an entirely cooked and firm dosa requires an ideal strategy and a top notch dosa tawa.

A very much planned dosa tawa assists you with setting up a dosa inside no time and fills your mornings and nights with greatness.

This audit will give you data about the sorts of tawa, an extensive purchasers direct, and our Top 10 Dosa Tawa.

Kinds of Tawa Material

You will discover different choices with regards to a dosa tawa. However, it is important to choose that best material so it keeps going longer and is tough.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodised aluminum tawa is an extraordinary conductor of warmth and is considered to some degree nonstick, making it one of the choices for a dosa tawa.

Anodized Aluminum is acquired subsequent to plunging the aluminum in an electrolyte shower and running an electric flow through the metal.

This interaction shields the aluminum from consumption. After the entire interaction, you are left with a hard dim dark surface that is sans consumption.

Cast Iron

Something extraordinary about cast iron skillet is that it warms up bit by bit and afterward remains hot for a long time. This settles on it a brilliant decision for making dosa.

It accompanies a characteristic nonstick covering over the long haul implies it very well may be utilized for an all-inclusive period. It very well may be very weighty, which can be an issue.


Aluminum as a metal is excessively lightweight, so the tawa made out of it will likewise be too light and simple to deal with.

The solitary drawback of utilizing aluminum when preparing anything with antacid food or acidic food will begin to rust. In any case, this turns out extraordinary for dosas.

Non-stick Coating

Numerous customary container accompany a nonstick covering. This is simply to be additional wary that nothing adheres to the skillet. They are exceptionally famous as cooking in them is simple, and food doesn’t stick. Nonstick covering is important for making dosa.

Purchasers manage

Size and Thickness

To make a dosa, you need a more extensive space, so it is important to check the width of the tawa prior to buying.

You will discover different tawa sizes on the lookout, and the size ranges between 8 creeps to 20 inches. Choose a tawa that will suit your oven size too. The normal tawa size is 16 inches.

Likewise, ensure the thickness since you don’t need the tawa to be excessively thick or probably it will require some investment for it to get warmed.


A nonstick tawa is required on the off chance that you need to make fresh dosa all the more regularly. In the event that you purchase an inferior quality nonstick tawa, the covering may fall off after a couple of employments, which is hazardous for the wellbeing.

Put resources into an excellent nonstick tawa for enduring toughness and to get your cash’s worth.

Warmth safe handle

You should purchase each cookware with heat-safe handles. This will permit you to cook securely without consuming your hand. The equivalent applies to a dosa tawa so check if the handles are heat-safe so you will be uninhibitedly ready to move the tawa regardless of whether it’s hot.


PFOA represents polytetrafluoroethylene and is a compound that was utilized in making the nonstick covering. Later on, it was contemplated that this PFOA isn’t useful for human wellbeing. It is crucial for check if the tawa is PFOA free as it can influence you and your family’s wellbeing.


Dosa Tawas are not excessively costly, and you will track down a sensible value reach to browse. Most tawas fall under this value range INR 1500 to INR 3000, which is very moderate.

Try not to succumb to the pricer’s generalization the better; you can undoubtedly track down an extraordinary quality dosa tawa under your financial plan.

Top 10 Best Dosa Tawa

1. Hawkins Futura Tawa

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Hawkins is a very notable cookware organization in India. Established in 1959, it is perhaps the most seasoned organization giving premium quality cookware to the Indian family.

They fabricate cookware appropriate for each Indian dish, which is the fundamental justification its notoriety.

Fundamental Features

Its measurements are – distance across 33cm, thickness 4.88 mm

The material utilized is aluminum

The tawa was produced utilizing Hawkins’ novel licensed cycle

It very well may be utilized on an oven burner and electric top

The tawa accompanies great German nonstick covering that will permit you to prepare the food pleasantly

It has a hard-anodized base that permits quicker and in any event, cooking

Stars (What we loved)

The excellent nonstick covering will permit you to utilize oil-less

It additionally accompanies a wooden spatula to cook with and a plastic scrubber to clean with

It additionally accompanies a cookbook that has plans for dinners made with this tawa

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

Not viable with the acceptance cooktop

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2. Amazon Brand Solimo Non-Stick Tawa

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Amazon Brand Solimo tawa is a 26 cm non-stick searing tawa that empowers you to cook different dosas, paranthas, and even rotis without any difficulty and accommodation. It is a wide-sized frying pan that is reasonable for planning sound and without oil hotcakes and dosas.

Primary Features

It is a food-grade tawa that is set up from 100% virgin aluminum

It has a thickness of 2.9 mm, and it weighs 630 gms. This adds to its strength. Because of its encompassing raised divider and 2.5 cm profundity, it forestalls the oil or food spillage viably

It guarantees sound and sans oil cooking with its European-imported 2-layered non-stick and food-grade covering

It includes a 13 cm long and cool-contact Bakelite handle alongside twofold bolts that gives a smooth, firm, and safe grasp by opposing the warmth move

It gives adaptable cooking as it tends to be utilized with the two gas ovens and enlistment cooking

Geniuses (What we loved)

It is a suitably estimated tawa that can be utilized for serenely cooking assortments of dosas, hotcakes, roti, omelets, and other food things

It shows the great non-stick property, and you couldn’t want anything more than to throw your dosas uninhibitedly with this dish

It is a tough and vigorous griddle that guarantees improved solidness for dependable use

This dosa tawa looks engaging with its smooth plan and glossy appearance because of red metallic paint. It improves the stylistic theme of your advanced kitchen style

It is an ideal griddle that gives advantageous use to meeting every day cooking necessities

This dosa tawa can be effectively and securely cleaned either by hand or in a dishwasher

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

The shade of the dish falls off following a couple of long periods of utilization.

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3. iBELL Tawa

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iBell is an Indian organization which was begun in 2007. Throughout the long term they have made a colossal scope of items from gadgets, individual prepping, kitchenware, digging tools, cleaning instruments, thus significantly more.

They plan to give items that offer solace to its clients. Here we are investigating their non-stick tawa, which is important for their cookware range.

Principle Features

Tawa’s measurements are 290 mm and thickness is 33 mm

Tawa accompanies a 3 layer non-stick covering and is strong for the since quite a while ago run

It arrives in a curved plan which implies that oil will not race to the dish’s sides. This is will permit in any event, cooking

It is made of aluminum, and it offers high-grade non-stick covering on it

It accompanies heat safe bakelite handle, which implies the handle will not get hot while the tawa is on the oven

Geniuses (What we loved)

It arrives in a high reflexive shading outside that gives it a smooth look

It has a spot surface which gives the tawa an advanced look

Accompanies a 6-month guarantee

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

It is inclined to scratches as it’s not scratch safe

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4. Wonderchef Tawa

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Wonderchef offers top notch cookware items that are down to earth and pretty to take a gander at. Established by star gourmet expert Sanjeev Kapoor, the items have Italian plan and materials utilized are German. This makes them sturdy and top quality.

How about we look at a portion of its highlights.

Primary Features

Its breadth is 28 cm

It is made out of unadulterated evaluation aluminum and has a non-stick covering

It is viable with most warming sources like oven, enlistment, hot plate, infrared cooktop, gas cooktop, ceramic cooktop. This makes it too flexible

It accompanies 5 layers proficient evaluation non-stick covering, which has been tried and will not strip off

It is PFOA free

It accompanies an ergonomic delicate touch handle that is stud welded, so no food gets aggregated

Stars (What we loved)

Reasonable for making an assortment of dishes like dosa, uttapams, chillas, pizza, omelet, rolls, and significantly more

The tawa has a stone completion for that smooth look

It is not difficult to clean after use as it just requires warm foamy water to clean

It accompanies a long term guarantee period

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

5. Eminence Tawa

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TTK Prestige is an Indian organization that fabricates cookware items. Established in 1955, Prestige is known by numerous individuals for its quality items that are currently utilized in the family for quite a long time. One such incredible item by them is this Omega Deluxe Omni Tawa.

Fundamental Features

The tawa has a breadth of 300 mm and thickness is 3 mm

It is made out of aluminum and has a nonstick covering

It has 5 layer coat which comprises of – topcoat of PTFE that gives rock finish, 2 layers of supported scatter coat which helps in keeping the tawa search new for a more drawn out period, the halfway coat-this assists with warming, the base coat functions as a glue between nonstick covering and substrate

It has a stone completion for toughness and a smooth look

Accompanies a warmth safe handle for effective cooking

Experts (What we loved)

It is dishwasher safe

It accompanies a predominant nonstick covering that will not strip off without any problem

It is metal spoon agreeable

Accompanies a 2-year guarantee

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

It isn’t level yet has an inward plan which prompts lopsided cooking

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6. Qualy Investo Tawa

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Qualy Investo is an Indian brand that makes kitchenware items. It offers items like cookware sets, vegetable slicers, flatware, and considerably more.

Primary Features

The tawa’s distance across is 30 cm with a thickness of 6 mm and gauges 2 kilograms

It is made of crude cast iron whose completing is finished by manual crushing machine

It doesn’t contain any additional covering of finish or cadmium

It is a pre-prepared tawa which ensures that the tawa doesn’t get rust

Masters (What we enjoyed)

Cast iron has great warmth maintenance force and stays hot for longer periods contrasted with different container

It is level which permits the food to get cooked quicker

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

Not reasonable with an enlistment cooktop

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7. Nirlon Tawa

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Nirlon is a piece of Unique Cookware India Pvt Ltd. It is one of the main organizations in nonstick cookware and treated steel bottles. Nirlon nonstick tawa is an extraordinary choice on the off chance that you appreciate making firm dosas frequently. It is made of the greatest quality materials that make it enduring.

Fundamental Features

The tawa has a breadth of 28 cm

It is made of high-grade aluminum and tempered steel

It accompanies German covering which is unrivaled in quality

The nonstick covering on the dish is 100% protected and harmful free

The handles are protected, so it doesn’t consume your hands while cooking

It is PFOA free which implies it is sans compound

Stars (What we preferred)

The handles are joined with bolts, so it doesn’t fall off without any problem

The handles are planned ergonomically for solace and control

It is not difficult to clean and keep up

Accompanies a 1-year guarantee

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

It is just viable with gas ovens

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8. Sumeet Set

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Sumeet cookware is the place where you will discover all you require to begin a kitchen. They offer goulash dishes, supper plates, cookware sets, utensils. And so on, and they have it. They offer extraordinary quality items at a reasonable cost.

Primary Features

The tawa’s measurements are 26.5 x 26.5 x 1.5 cm

It’s a combo pack, accompanies a dosa tawa and small multi nibble producer

Tawa is comprised of aluminum and has a 3 layer nonstick covering

The topcoat is for the sturdiness of the coat, mid-coat goes about as a defensive and holding layer, and the base-coat goes about as an introduction for strength

It is PFOA substance free

Professionals (What we enjoyed)

The alluring look makes it a proper housewarming blessing

It is not difficult to clean and deal with

The tawa offers in any event, cooking which brings down gas utilization by 40% significance it sets aside both time and cash

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

Not reasonable for enlistment cooktops

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9. Nakshathra Tawa

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In the event that you are searching for an iron cast tawa to make dosas, we have the ideal item for you. Nakshathra dosa tawa is a customary huge measured iron cast that will give you firm dosa without fail.

Principle Features

The tawa’s width is 14 crawls with a thickness of 5mm, and it weighs 3.3kg

It is a pre-treated tawa that doesn’t contain any substance covering

Cast iron can hold the warmth for a more drawn out period meaning you can cook on it equally without utilizing more gas

This specific tawa is known as a kallu which is suggested for enormous families since it can permit individuals to cook for a more drawn out time

It is intended to make huge dosas

Experts (What we preferred)

It can likewise be utilized in making chapatis, parathas, adai, and akki roti

Accompanies a legitimate guidance manual

It accompanies a spatula

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

It is very weighty and difficult to move around

Has an awkward handle

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10. Dynamic Tawa

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Dynamic Cookwares items are protected and of extraordinary quality. It offers an immense scope of cookware to look over. Here we are investigating its cast-iron tawa in detail.

The dosa tawa is made utilizing the best solid metal and has a nonstick covering that assists you with making the best dosas, and furthermore the tawa keeps going longer.

Primary Features

The tawa has a width of 11 crawls with a thickness of 5.5mm and weighs around 3 kg

It is made of Cast iron and is machine cleaned which offers nonstick cooking and a spotless look

It is made utilizing controlled metallurgy utilizing innovation which guarantees quality

It is viable with gas, enlistment, pit fire, and convection

Aces (What we loved)

It can keep going for an exceptionally significant time-frame whenever dealt with appropriately

It accompanies 2 handles as an afterthought for a superior grasp

Any kind of spatula can be utilized for cooking

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

Can not be utilized straightforwardly, need to adhere to the directions given prior to utilizing

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Oftentimes Asked Questions

1. What is dosa tawa?

Dosa tawa is an enormous dish. A dish in India is known as a tawa. Since making dosas require a decent measure of room, tawas are made explicitly for dosas and are accordingly ordinarily alluded to as dosa tawa.

2. Will dosa tawas be utilized to make chapattis?

Indeed, dosa tawas are multipurpose. They can be utilized for rotis, parathas, uttapams. Putting resources into one great dosa tawa can be very helpful in the kitchen.

3. What to do if dosa is adhering to the tawa?

Typically, this is occurring on the grounds that the dosa tawa you are utilizing doesn’t have a decent nonstick covering. Putting resources into a decent quality nonstick tawa is an absolute necessity.

Be that as it may, for a moment fix, you can modify your dosa hitter and make it somewhat thicker. This will keep it from adhering to the base of the tawa.

4. Would you be able to make dosas on an iron tawa?

Indeed, dosas can be made on an iron tawa. An iron tawa is utilized to make dosas generally, yet it requires a couple of steps that should be followed prior to beginning.

The iron tawa should be sprinkled with saltwater first and once it is earthy colored wipe it down and afterward apply a layer of oil on it. This is the cycle you need to follow prior to utilizing an iron cast tawa.

Cast iron is extraordinary at holding heat, which is the reason it is utilized when more food should be made.

5. Is a stone dosa tawa useful for wellbeing?

Stone is by and large utilized in making fricasseeing container. They are made utilizing hardened steel with glass covering and is viewed as protected.

However, you need to watch that is doesn’t have PFOA in it. PFOA is a synthetic utilized in making non-stick covering however is destructive to wellbeing. Other than that, stone tawa is sufficiently protected to utilize.


The tremendous ubiquity of dosas has made dosa tawas a fundamental cooking apparatus for South Indian kitchens as well as the nation over. Our most loved incorporates Hawkins Futura tawa, Solimo tawa, Ibell tawaand Wonderchef tawa.

A dosa tawa is non-stick cookware that empowers you to spread the hitter consistently over its surface and give ideal cooking all through. It devours less oil and assists you with collapsing the dosa into your ideal shape.

Get a decent quality dosa tawa for appreciating a sound, delectable, and satisfying dinner enhanced with starches, proteins, and nutrients with no soaked fats or added sugars.


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